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Valerie's Kuku World~

this is the reaction process of Tao after he finished his solo performance with a cut on his finger. The whole stadium was chanting “Huang Zitao" loudly and he was surprised. He couldn’t believe it. When he finally realized the cheers was for him, he smiled brightly.
This just shows that he never takes anything for granted. He stood on the stage with high fever and even if there are days he can’t stand anymore, he sits down and carries on with the shows like it’s nothing serious. And for all of that, he never expects something back in return. He always puts his fans first and seeing their smiling faces are enough for him.
As a member with many misunderstandings and a history with antis, he probably doesn’t know or fully understands that there are also people out there, who love him, support him but also worry about him. The very first time he recieved fan gift, he was shocked, asked if it was really for him and now 2 years later, he’s still questioning if he deserves any of this at all and that just breaks my heart. 
How much I wish he knows, he deserves all of this and so so much more. How much I wish people can understand and see how genuine of a human being he actually is, how many great qualities this boy has to offer. I wish you Tao…can smile more brightly like this, knowing that we will always stand behind you and support you no matter what. Because we love you, dear and you deserve all of this.
加油! [x]

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'HIM' Magazine August Issue

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Kai tricking Taemin in their game ^^~
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224-225/300 pics of Everybody Era
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We couldn’t be any more proud of you.

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you deserved them all, my five shining stars

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a day in the life of

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